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Wallbox Pulsar Plus


In a nutshell: easy-to-use app

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is one of our best sellers and probably the slickest charge point available in the UK. Combine its looks with a simple, user-friendly app and an attractive price and you have the ingredients for a brilliant electric car charger.

Your smartphone app will be the main way you interact with any charge point, so it's really important that it's straightforward to use and well designed.

Fortunately, the myWallbox app is one of the best when it comes to user experience, making it very easy to set up charge schedules or remote lock/unlock the charger - a fantastic feature for anyone concerned about the security of their home charger. 

What's more, the Pulsar Plus has built-in open PEN protection. Put simply, that means an earth rod is not needed, helping to keep the installation neat, simple and safe.

This is also one of the most compact tethered chargers available, so if you're after the convenience of a tethered unit but also a slim design then the Pulsar Plus has you covered.


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Wallbox Pulsar Plus Features

No earth rod

Built-in earthing protection means no earth stake is needed for the installation, potentially saving you £45.00 + VAT on the install cost, as well as keeping the install neat.

Remote locking

There will be no unwanted use of your charger thanks to the Pulsar Plus' remote lock and unlock feature.

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

Connect your Pulsar Plus to the myWallbox app via WiFi and Bluetooth for a stable connection.

7.4kW charging output

The Pulsar Plus is available as a 7.4kW tethered unit, adding up to 30 miles an hour to your EV.

Compact and simple design

A neat and stylish design in a small package, the Pulsar Plus is one of the most compact tethered chargers available.

Status lights

LED lights on the device show you the current charging status of the Pulsar Plus.

Charge scheduling

Set up schedules so the car charges when you want it to, such as when your electricity rate is at its cheapest.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus App Features

  • Remote lock or unlock your Pulsar Plus through the app, helping to prevent unwanted access.
  • Stop/Start charging function
  • Monitor charging sessions in real time
  • Set up charging schedules to suit your lifestyle or energy tariff
  • Easily change power output. For example from 32A to 16A.
  • Remote software updates
  • Available on iOS and Android.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Specification

Charging output

Wallbox Pulsar Plus is available as a standard 7.4kW charger 


Black or White


No cable dock included, but charging gun socket included as standard.


H166 x W163 x D82mm


1kg (without cable)

Cable length

5 metres as standard. 


Type 1 and Type 2 tethered units available.

Manufacturer's warranty

3-year manufacturer’s warranty for residential usage.

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