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Changes to the Government OLEV Grant

The Government OLEV department (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) has reduced the value of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme from £500 to £350. The announcement was made on 12th March, 2020, with installers given no advanced notice of the change. Any quotes made after this date will be based on the new OLEV Grant value of £350.

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Please tell us the make and model of your electric car. To qualify for the £350 Government OLEV Grant, you must either already own an eligible vehicle or have one on order. Check your vehicle is OLEV-approved here

Please check your vehicle is eligible if you are applying for the OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant.
Your vehicle make and model also helps us check the correct charge point has been ordered for you (i.e. Type 1 or Type 2).

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