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The prices on our website are a guide to the cost of installation. We will need you to complete our Online Site Survey so our in-house technicians can assess the work involved and give you an accurate quote. This means you can make an informed decision and no hidden charges on the day of installation. 

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Installation lead time
Lead times vary, but as a guide you can expect an installation date within 3-4 weeks after payment. However, this depends on a number of factors including the complexity of the install, charger supply/lead times, processing of your OZEV Grant application and DNO notification.

The Government is changing how the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) works. Often known as the "OZEV Grant", it will be no longer be available to homeowners after March 31st 2022. Instead, the Government will be directing the OZEV Grant funds towards landlords and those in rental accomodation.

In other words, if you would like to take advantage of the £350 grant towards your EV charger installation, do not delay!

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We will email you a link to our online site survey, so we can give you an accurate installation quote for your home charger.

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Tesla Wall Connectors can only be ordered directly from the Tesla store. Please advise if yours has arrived or is on its way.

Would you like to purchase a charging cable to be delivered with your charger?

This charger is an untethered (socket-only) unit and does not come with its own charging cable. We stock a high-quality Type 2 charging cable that can be used with your home charger and socket-only public charge points. Plus, at 5 metres or 10 metres it is significantly longer than the standard charging cables many car manufacturers provide.

This charge point requires a mobile signal to operate. Please confirm you have checked that there is a strong mobile signal at the location you want the charger installing.

This charger requires a WiFi signal to operate. Please confirm you have checked that there is a strong WiFi signal at the location you want the charger.

There are grants available from the Government OZEV department. You can read the eligibility requirements here.

NOTE: Tesla Wall Connector is not eligible for the Government Grant.

The Tesla Wall Connector is not eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (known as the OZEV Grant) or the Workplace Charge Scheme.

If you'd like to apply for a Government grant, then choose an eligible charge point or tick the box below to continue.

Smart Home Charge does not approve grant applications and a successful installation does not mean you have been approved for the £350 Grant. We assist you with your application and submit this to the Government. This is submitted after installation and the Government may still reject your application, in which case you will be liable for the £350. Of course, we try everything in our power to avoid this scenario.

During the Online Site Survey we will make a few checks on your eligibility and if we're confident you meet the Government's criteria then the £350 Grant is deducted upfront when you pay - so, you do not need to wait for a rebate.

You must provide the relevant evidence to Smart Home Charge for the grant upon request. Without the correct evidence, we cannot proceed with your installation.

You must first apply for the Workplace Charge Scheme on the Government website here. If you are eligible, the Government will issue you with a WCS Voucher Code which you should enter here. If you do not have this code, then you should first apply on the Government website.

To qualify for the Government's EVHS (OZEV Grant), you must have dedicated off-street parking which meet the requirements indicated here

To qualify for the Government's EVHS (OZEV Grant) or Workplace Charge Scheme, your vehicle must be listed on the OZEV eligibility list here

Your vehicle ownership type must also meet the Government criteria which you should check here

Your vehicle make and model also helps us check the correct charge point has been ordered (i.e. Type 1 or Type 2).

If you're a member of the London Taxi Driver Association and you have a referral code, enter it above.

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