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What is the workplace charging scheme?

18th Dec 2019 Danny Morgan

Learn how you can reduce the cost of installing fast electric car chargers at your workplace through this Government scheme.

There are two funds currently available to help encourage people to switch electric cars. The first is the OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme for residential properties, but there is also a scheme aimed at businesses – the Workplace Charging Scheme. We explain what it is, who is eligible and how you claim it.


What is the Workplace Charging Scheme?

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is Government funded scheme that provides support to businesses wishing to have electric vehicle charge points installed at their work premises. The WCS is a voucher-based scheme that contributes up to £350 towards the upfront costs of charge point purchase and installation.

It is managed by the Government OLEV department (Office for Low Emission Vehicles).


How much is it worth?

The scheme will contribute up to 75% of the purchase and installation costs up to £350. An OLEV-approved installer effectively incurs the cost of the discount upfront and will claim the funds from the Government on your behalf.


Who is eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme?

If you’re a business, charity or public authority, you are eligible to claim the grant.

You must have dedicated off-street parking for staff or fleet use only in order to be eligible for the grant.

The scheme is available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and crown dependencies are not eligible for this scheme.


Do I need to prove eligibility for the Workplace Charging Scheme?

Yes, you will need to have evidence of the following:

  • Companies House Reference or VAT Registration Number.
  • If you’re a charity, you will need to upload your certificate of registration to the Charity Commission.
  • You will need photographic evidence of your dedicated off-street parking that is for staff or fleet use only.


Which charge points are eligible?

Charge points must be “smart” in order to be eligible. You can find a list of Workplace Charging Scheme approved charge points here.

Three-pin chargers are not eligible nor can you use a second-hand charge point.


Is there a limit to the number of claims/charge points?

You can claim the voucher more than once up to a maximum of 40 charge point sockets.

The limit of 40 charge points applies to each applicant and not the site itself. For example, if you have two sites/offices for your business you could have up to 20 charge point sockets installed at each.

However, there are special regulation for franchises which you can find here.


How do I use the voucher and get an installation?

To claim the voucher you will need to apply for it online before arranging an installation. You can apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme here.

You will be asked to:

  • Provide information about your business
  • Provide the number of charge point sockets you’d like installed
  • Complete a de minimis declaration (if applicable)

If you are eligible you will be issued a voucher code via confirmation email. This can take up to five working days.

Once you have the voucher, you can contact an authorised Workplace Charging Scheme installer such as Smart Home Charge. We will then guide you through the installation process, starting with sending you a link to your own Online Site Survey – this allows us to give you an honest and accurate quote upfront before any work begins.

If you have any questions upfront, please feel free to give us a call on 03333449234.


How do I claim back the Workplace Charging Scheme voucher?

As a Workplace Charging Scheme approved installer, Smart Home Charge apply your voucher discount at the point of purchase (if you are eligible). We then claim the voucher funds on your behalf as it has already been discounted from your invoice.


How long is the WCS voucher valid for?

The Workplace Charging Scheme voucher is valid for four months from the issue date.


Do you need an electric car to claim the Workplace Charging Scheme voucher?

No, you don’t need an EV to apply for the voucher. You need to declare either an existing need for an electric car charging setup or your intention to encourage EV driving and charging among your staff or fleet.


Do I need off-street parking?

Yes, off-street parking is required to be eligible. If you are in the middle of constructing a dedicated off-street parking arrangement or you are discussing planning permission with the council, then you must wait until this is completed.

You cannot apply for the WCS voucher without dedicated off-street parking.

You can still apply if you have access to off-street parking via a third party, such as a garage or private car park but you will need written permission from the landlord/owner as evidence.


When do you apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme voucher?

The voucher is applied for in advance of arranging any installation. You should check your eligibility and apply for the WCS voucher first. Once you have the voucher, then you can contact an WCS-approved installer such as Smart Home Charge.


Can I apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme more than once?

Yes, you can apply on more than one occasion as long as you don’t exceed the charge point socket limit of 40.


Can I backdate a claim under the Workplace Charging Scheme?

If you have already installed charge points in the past then you cannot claim the grant against these. The WCS voucher only applies for new charge point installations.


Can I move the charge point after installation?

You will need to contact requesting permission to move your workplace electric car charger.


I have more questions about the Workplace Charging Scheme – who do I contact?

If your query relates directly to the installation or choosing a charger for your workplace, please get in touch with our support team via:

If you have questions about the Workplace Charging Scheme application, please contact



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