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Become an Approved Installer for Smart Home Charge and get a boost to your EV charging installation work.

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Smart Home Charge is one of the best-known independent EV charger installers, operating across the UK.

With a class-leading website, generating tens of thousands of views every month, and hundreds of enquiries every week, we can help boost the amount of EV charging work you do.

With an ambitious growth plan, and new contracts in place, there's never been a better time to join the Smart Home Charge Approved Installer network.

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Why join our network?
We're well connected

We work closely with some of the biggest charge point manufacturers in the business. By being part of our Approved Installer network, you'll benefit from any new projects/contracts we are working on.

Competitive rates and local

Get paid a fair rate for your work without the need for excessive travel. And if we do require travel over 25 miles, we'll pay you for it.

We do the heavy lifting

No need to build quotes, complete DNO notification paperwork, or conduct site surveys. We do all that for you with our custom software, leaving you to focus on the installation hand.

One invoice

No need to invoice every job. We'll send you a schedule of all the work you completed for us in a month, so you can just invoice for one total amount.

What our Approved Installers say about us...

"I have really enjoyed working with Smart Home Charge. They have a great team in the office. Training at the head office gave me an excellent overview, but there is no substitute for on-site guidance as this increases the learning curve and gives a solid knowledge of the products and how to fix issues.

"Smart Home Charge provide excellent on-site training too with Craig (my area supervisor) being very helpful on the jobs and having Steve with me to train me up on the chargers has been brilliant!"

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