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Not quite ready for an installation yet?

Access our FREE guide to home charger installation.

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Sign up and instantly get:
  • Your FREE and exclusive interactive Go Electric guide
  • The latest EV charger reviews
  • New car releases and EV news
  • App set-up guides and more electric car charging tips

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Watch: how the Ready works

Easee Ready

Easee Ready Installation
Requires additional purchase of an Easee One to become a fully functional charge point
from £399.00*
Pay Monthly From
*What are these prices based on?
Watch: how the Ready works
Upfront prices


The prices on our website for an EV charger installation are the minimum cost for any installation, but your final quote will depend on a number of factors including:

  1. Cable length - how much extra cable is required to connect your charger to the mains.
  2. Extra equipment - some installations require extra protective equipment such as a Type A RCBO and/or earth rod.
  3. Complexity - depending on the cable route and other factors, our in-house technicians will assess how much time and labour is required to complete the installation.

Every installation and quote is different, which is why we ask you to complete an Online Site Survey so we can give you an accurate and honest quote for your own home installation. 


As mentioned above, the prices on the website are a rough guide only and you will need to complete an Online Site Survey to get an accurate quote for your home installation. The prices on the website include:

  1.  The charger (not including delivery)
  2.  Our Basic Installation Package - this is the minimum cost for any installation, but yours could be more.


  1. To get started, click "Request A Quote" on your preferred charger
  2. Fill in the short form. 
  3. We will email and text you a link to your guided Online Site Survey
  4. Follow the instructions and take the photos requested
  5. Once we have all the details required, we will email you an honest and accurate quote.


  1. What is a Basic Installation?
  2. Where should you locate your charger?
  3. How do you choose a charger?
Monthly prices


If the upfront cost of an EV charger installation is a bit tough to swallow, why not spread the payments out through our monthly finance option?

Try out our handy finance calculator tool to preview different deposit amounts and terms. Your actual monthly payment will need to be confirmed after your installation has been quoted, as our website prices are an initial guide.

Finance Calculator
Finance Option
Installation Option
Deposit Amount
Monthly Payments
Deposit Amount
Amount of Credit
Amount of Interest
Total Amount Repayable


For purchases between £30 and £2,000

Make one payment today, then pay the rest monthly

Apply easily and get an instant decision

PayPal Payment Icon

Check out with PayPal and choose Pay in 3

For full details, visit

Split the cost and get EV ready
The Easee Ready docking station means you can have all the installation and wiring work completed in advance. Then, when your electric car is due to arrive, simply purchase and slot the Easee One into place.
Ready when you are
The Easee Ready is the perfect placeholder for your home charging needs.
Avoid long waiting lists

Don't run the risk of a delayed installation because the installer is busy when your car is due. With the Easee Ready docking station, all the wiring and major installation work is completed ahead of time.

When your EV is due to arrive, simply buy the Easee One charger from our online store at your own leisure and slot it into the Easee Ready docking station.

Only pay for what you need

Apart from getting your ducks in a row and ensuring the installation works are complete before your car arrives, the Easee Ready also means you've only paid for the installation part and not a full charge point you aren't able to use yet.

Only when you're ready to charge your EV do you need to purchase the Easee One charge point and slot it in to the Ready docking station.

Simple to activate

When you are ready to activate your Easee Ready and start charging, all you need to do is remove the cover on the Easee Ready and insert an Easee One into the backplate.

Split the cost

The Easee Ready means you only pay for the installation first and the full Easee One charge point later - splitting the cost of a full home charger into two easy-to-manage payments.

How does it work?
Our electricians will install the cabling, Easee Ready and provide electrical certification. When you're ready to upgrade, simply buy the Easee One and slot it into the Ready docking station.
1. Order the Easee Ready

Request a Quote for the Easee Ready and a Smart Home Charge engineer will complete the appropriate installation works and wiring, as well as mounting the Ready docking station in your chosen location in preparation for your future Easee One.

2. Wait for your EV

With your Easee Ready already installed, there's no rush to get a charge point arranged until your electric vehicle is due to arrive. So, you can relax knowing all the wiring is in place for when you want to slot in the Easee One.

Perfect if your vehicle has a long lead time or you're expecting a delivery delay.

3. Buy an Easee One

When your vehicle is due and you're ready, simply purchase the Easee One (without installation) from the Smart Home Charge store.

It should arrive within three days. Then simply open the Easee Ready cover, slot in the Easee One charging unit and insert the new faceplate. 

For further instructions, refer to the video at the top of this page.

What's included?
  1. Easee Ready docking station and cover
  2. Installation and wiring
  3. Pre-notification of DNO
  4. Electrical certificate
What's not included?

The Easee One charging unit. You will need to purchase this separately and fit it yourself once you are ready to do so. For instructions on how to do this, please see Easee's instructional video.

Easee Ready FAQs
What do I need to "upgrade" my Easee Ready to a working Easee One?

When you are ready to have a working charge point, purchase an an Easee One and slot it into the docking station.

To do so, please follow the instructions in Easee's Plug & Play installation video.

Is the Easee Ready “weather-proof”?

Yes, the Easee Ready has IP54 certification. This means that unit is protected against both dust and water spashes from all directions. Easee products are also hugely popular in the harsh weather conditions of Norway, so they should be able to cope perfectly well with the British weather.

What is the warranty for the Easee Ready?

There is a three-year warranty on the Easee Ready supplied by Easee. Any issues under warranty should be dealt with by Easee direct.

Installation made simple
Whether its our product reviews, remote site surveys, honest quotes, or in-house engineers, Smart Home Charge makes EV charger installation seamless and straightforward.
Nationwide engineers

What an excellent service. The technician was very competent and explained everything he was doing and kept things clean and tidy. I'd highly recommend this service to anyone. Terry - Warrington

TrustPilot Logo Review - Triangle Tail
Remote site survey

They guide you through the whole process from choosing a charger, a really smart app to determine the installation cost which they stick to and then a really neat and tidy installation. John - Winchester

TrustPilot Logo Review - Triangle Tail
Installation FAQs
Will my property need works or upgrades to the electricity supply before installation of an EV charge point?

Many customers will not need any upgrades to their electricity supply before having an EV charger installed. All installers are however required to notify the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) of any EV charger installations, who will advise you and us if an upgrade to your property’s main fuse is necessary. This depends on your property’s “maximum demand” estimate, (which is submitted by our in-house technicians to your DNO as part of our process), the size of the main fuse or if your property is on a looped supply (connected to your neighbour). Any potential works will be handled by your DNO and they will contact you directly if this is the case.

How do I get a quote for my EV charger installation?

If you have an EV or plug-in hybrid, or have one on order, then you are ready to get a charger installation quote. Simply choose the electric car charger you like the look of and select "Request a Quote" at the top of this page. Don't worry if you're not 100% sure on the charger - there will be time to swap this before payment if your change your mind.

Why isn’t my quote the same as the price on the website?

Every installation is unique, which is why we ask you to complete our remote Online Site Survey. We need to properly assess the work involved in order to give you an accurate and honest quote. Our website prices are meant to be a guide and show the minimum cost for an installation of each particular charger. So, that means the quote we email to you may be different to the price on the website.

How long will it be until my EV charger is installed?

Typically this is one to four weeks after payment. The main factors that affect your installation date are your remote site survey completion time and whether your DNO needs to complete any upgrades to your electricity supply before we install your charger. We keep you updated at each stage of the process, but you can help keep things moving by completing your remote site survey quickly.

My car isn’t listed on your website. Does that mean I can’t get a charger installation from Smart Home Charge?

You can still get an installation from us even if you can’t find your vehicle on our website. Simply “Request a Quote” for the charger you like and tell us which vehicle you have in the quote form. Our EV database is updated regularly but are not meant to be a definitive guide – there are simply too many new EVs and plug-in hybrids being launched for us to keep up!

Do you install EV charge points in my area?

Smart Home Charge is a nationwide installer, covering England, Scotland and Wales. We have experienced engineers covering all major cities and regions. Find out if we install EV chargers in your area with our location checker.

Will you process my EV Chargepoint Grant claim?

As OZEV-approved installers, we are able to help you apply for the EV Chargepoint Grants supplied by the Government landlords, renters, workplace and more. Our team will assess your eligibility for the grant and work with you to supply the right evidence to the Government in order to claim the grant. Your installation will not be booked until we have all the required documentation to submit your claim to the Government.

However, as an installer Smart Home Charge does not approve or reject your claim and a successful charger installation does not mean your claim was approved. It can take up to three months post installation for confirmation of approval or rejection of your claim from the Government. 

The Perfect Combination Charging at home and on the road
Switch and Save

Save money on your car charging with an Octopus Energy tariff designed with EV drivers in mind.

Charge during off-peak times to dramatically reduce running costs.

£5 free charging

One card. Thousands of chargers. Sign up for the Electric Juice Network card and get £5 FREE on your account!

Plus, if you're an Octopus Energy customer you can pay with your home energy bill.

Could you reduce your car charging cost?
Use our Comparison Tool to find the best energy tariff for you and your EV
Why should I switch tariff?
Cost to charge Mini Electric with 145-mile range
Average UK tariff price
15p per kWh
For one full charge
Example off-peak tariff
5p per kWh
For one full charge
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How do we calculate this?

In order to calculate our service and installation ratings, we ask our customers to complete a survey, covering the key aspects of their experience.


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  • • Interaction with our office
  • • Email & SMS Updates
  • • OLEV claim Process

EV Charger Installation

  • • Engineer Arrival Time
  • • Workwear/Appearance
  • • Van Cleanliness
  • • Installation Quality
  • • Engineer Politeness
  • • Site Housekeeping