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How long will it take to charge my EV at home?

5th Apr 2019 Smart Home Charge

Find out how long it takes to charge an electric car and learn how to work out the charging time for your EV with this guide to charging at home.

The amount of time needed to charge an electric car can vary just like your mobile phone. It depends on how empty the battery is (it will initially charge faster the more empty it is) and how fast the charger you're using is. Here are the typical speeds you can expect from different types of charger:

How many miles per hour does a home charger add?

A standard UK three-pin plug (up to 3kw) - this will add about 10 miles per hour. It's useful to have a three-pin charging cable as a backup charging option, but they are much slower than a dedicated home charger.

A dedicated home charger (7.4kw) - the typical home charge point will add about 30 miles per hour. A 7.4kW charger is our recommendation - this is more than fast enough for most drivers as you will usually "top up" your battery for a few hours overnight. 

A dedicated three-phase home charger (up to 22kw) - a three-phase home charger is capable of adding around 50-60 miles an hour, but most residential properties cannot support these chargers and most EV drivers won't really benefit from them. Find out why in this guide to three-phase chargers


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This is why charging an electric car doesn't take as long as you think

If you were to charge an electric car from completely empty to full, then it's true it would take a long time in many cases. But this will hardly ever happen, if at all.

Think about how you charge your mobile phone. You probably plug it in overnight when it still has plenty of charge left. When you wake up, it is full again and you continue to use it as normal. But did you think about how long it took to charge fully while you were sleeping? We'd guess not! 

Charging an electric car is extremely similar. Most of the time you will top up the battery overnight to recoup the miles you used during the day. Occasionally you will drive a bit further, so you'll need to charge a bit more or you'll need to charge during the day once in a while. But most of the time you won't think about it - it will become habit to plug in your car at night, charge it up a little, and wake up to a full battery. Easy!

Tip: it's also cheaper to charge your car overnight if you switch to the right energy tariff. Check out our Energy Tariff Comparison Guide to compare the cost of charging an EV on each one. 

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How long will my electric car take to charge?

If you still want to work out how long your EV will take to charge from empty to full, then you can do it with this simple calculation:

Each electric vehicle will charge at different speeds according to its on-board charger, while the amount of charging time will depend on the size of the battery as well as the charging speed. For example an EV with a larger 64kWh battery will normally take longer to charge from zero to full compared to a 32kWh battery simply because it is bigger.


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Don't yet own an EV but want to "test" what it would be like to live the EV lifestyle? You can see how often you would need to charge an EV using your current petrol or diesel vehicle by downloading the I-Pace App. You might be suprised how easy it is to charge an EV at home!  

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