Bridgestone turns its attention to EV tyres in strategy shift

21st Sep 2021 Paul Fenech

Japanese company sets out primary goal for its future as the growth of electric vehicles leads to change in focus.

One of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers has announced it will be shifting its primary focus to the EV market, according to a report from INSIDEEVs.

The report also says that Bridgestone will cease to compete with low-cost brands from China and South Korea and ultimately end its budget tyre production for petrol and diesel vehicles in Europe as early as this year.

Europe is planned to see the first assembly lines converted to accommodate EV tyres, while similar plans are being readied for Japan, USA and South America later. The company is also hoping to see its 50 automotive tyre factories worldwide eventually converted for EV tyre production.

The report also quotes: “Tyres for Evs are 20% lighter because they use less rubber and other materials, and face 30% less resistance.”

While Bridgestone already supplies tyres for Volkswagen’s ID EV models, they are also planning to increase their supplies to European manufacturers and launch further retail sales for customers.

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