Octopus Agile review - would it work for you?

4th Jan 2021 Danny Morgan

Octopus Agile is a fantastically innovative energy tariff where prices change every 30 minutes in line with wholesale costs. But is it the right tariff for you? See what our editor makes of it in his Octopus Agile review.

When you drive an EV and charge it at home, your electricity costs will inevitably go up. It will still represent a huge saving compared to petrol or diesel, but you will still notice the increase on your electricity bill. 

So it pays to choose an energy tariff that suits your lifestyle and keeps car charging costs as low as possible. There are lots of different tariffs available, which you can compare using our energy tariff comparison tool, but one that gets a lot of chatter online is Octopus Agile. 

That's probably because it has been known to offer free electricity or even pay customers to use electricity. There's got to be a catch, right? 

Well, not really. It really is a brilliant energy tariff, but it may not suit everybody. Our editor Danny Morgan tested Octopus Agile for one whole year - watch his review and hear about his experience right here.

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