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What is Electroverse?

Electroverse is a public charging service to help make using and paying for public EV chargers easier.

Created by Octopus Energy, it gives you access to more than 380,000 chargers across the UK and Europe via one app or card. The app also has many extra features to make living with an EV even better.

One-tap access to thousands of chargers

Access and pay for EV charging with just one service - no more faffing around with RFID cards or charger network apps.

Simply sign up for free using our link at the top of this page, download the Electroverse app and you're ready to go. You'll also receive an Electroverse card to use.

One Bill

Connect your Octopus Electroverse account with your credit/debit card or other payment method to make public charging payment easy. This helps keep all public charging costs nice and neat.

If you're an Octopus Energy customer, you can even have your public charging costs come out of your home energy bill, meaning even less paperwork!

EV Route Planning

The Octopus Electroverse app has a handy map of all major public chargers in the UK and Europe, and you can also see which ones accept Octopus Electroverse (which is most, anyway).

Plus, you can even use the route planner to plan your EV journey. It will automatically plan and optimise your EV charging stops to make sure you never run out of juice.

Discounted Rates

It doesn't cost any extra to use Octopus Electroverse. The charging costs are the same as if you paid by contactless directly - in fact, in some cases Electroverse offers discounted rates on certain chargers. 

Check the Electroverse app for the latest rates.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto included

Find nearby chargers and see key information such as charging cost and number of chargers in the location directly from your EV's infotainment screen thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

You can even get turn by turn navigation directly from the Electriverse Android auto/Apple Carplay app, meaning more copy and pasting addresses across apps.

Gain access to Plug and Charge

Plug in and charge automatically at Ionity chargers without having to take out your Electroverse card or login into the app. When done, your charge session will be automatically billed to your Electroverse account.

Please note: This feature is currently only compatible with certain vehicles. Check your vehicle's compatibility here.

Why use Electroverse?

Many new public chargers allow contactless payment, so you may wonder why you should bother with the Electroverse app or card.

Besides ease of use, a central location for tracking all your charging costs, charger map, route planning to name a few reasons, there are many other handy features that come with the Electroverse service.

Check out our latest Electroverse review to find out more.

Electroverse Frequently Asked Questions
Can Electroverse work with all public chargers?

Electric Universe lets you access over 380,000 public chargers in the UK and Europe, and this is growing all the time.

Most major charging networks are compatible with Electroverse, with new ones added regularly. Even if the network is not yet compatible with Electroverse, the chargers should still appear in the map. 

Networks compatible with Electroverse include (but not limited to):


Is Electroverse free to use?

Yes! In fact, sign up to Electroverse for free with this link and you'll get £5 credit on your account courtesy of Smart Home Charge.

There are not any extra costs associated with using the Electroverse service. You will be charged the same amount for using the public charge point as if you were using a normal debit card.

In fact, Electroverse offers its users a discounted rate in some cases.

How do I connect my Electroverse account to Octopus Energy?

You don't need to be an Octopus Energy customer to use Electroverse, but there are some extra perks if you are.

For instance, your Electroverse spend can be linked to your Octopus Energy bill.

When will I get my £5 credit for signing up?

The credit is usually applied within 24 hours. If you haven't received it after 48 hours, having signed up with the Smart Home Charge link on this page, then please email [email protected]