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Getting ready for installation day

26th Aug 2020 Danny Morgan

You have your charger, your OLEV Grant has been processed and you have a date for your installation. Exciting stuff. This guide explains what you can expect on installation day and how you can help make things even smoother.


Download the app

Before installation day, you can download the companion app for your charge point. Our engineers will make sure it is paired with your charger and working on the day, but most apps require you to set up an account (with password), so it’s best you do this before our engineers arrive.

Please find your charger from the list below and read the setup instructions. This saves time when the engineer needs to pair your app with the charger:

If all you do is download the app and set up your app account, then that will save time on installation day.


Track your engineer

On the day of installation, you should receive a text message with a link to track the whereabouts of your engineer.

You should already have a time window for when the engineer will arrive, but the tracker will show you exactly where they are, so you know if you’ve got time to pop to the shop or not!


The installation

On the day of installation, the engineer will already have photos and a description of the job. But they may ask some additional questions around the placement of the charger or just want to confirm with you that you are still happy with the proposed route.

Most of the time the installation is carried out as planned during your Online Site Survey, but occasionally the engineers can spot better or neater ways of doing things and they will confirm this with you beforehand.

The power to your property will need to be switched off for safety reasons at stages throughout the visit while the engineer carries out the works. Don't worry, they will make you aware so you have time to make a cup of tea or save your work on your computer!

Upon completion of the installation, the engineer will check the charge point is working either by asking you to plug in your vehicle or by using a test unit to confirm it works.

Once confirmed, it is time to pair the app with the charge point.


App pairing and guidance

So, you can set up charging schedules and monitor your EV charging, the app on your phone/tablet must be paired with the charge point that has just been installed.

You can use the charger without the app at all, but the smart functions will be unusable, and you will be limited to an “on or off” setup. To get the most out of your charger and EV, it’s best to set up the app correctly.

The engineer will work with you to do this and they may need to switch the power to the charger off and on again because some products only enter a temporary “pairing mode” for a few minutes after being powered on.

Once the app is paired, the installation is complete.

In some cases, some engineers may be able to show you a little more about how the app itself works but this is not a requirement of installers and does depend on the experience of the engineer. After all, many of our engineers do not own electric cars and do not have to use charging apps on a daily basis.

If you would like more information on how to use the app, you can refer to the instructions at the top of this guide or contact the manufacturer for further assistance

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