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The Sync EV is an untethered charge point which means, there is no charging cable permanently attached to the unit.

Smart Home Charge sells EV charging cables which you can purchase separately on our website.

Once you've completed this form, go to our homepage and scroll down to see charging cables. Alternatively, you can select a tethered charger which has a charging cable attached to the unit.

Although the Easee One can operate as both tethered (cable permanently attached) and untethered (socket only), the charging cable is sold separately.

If you wish to use the Easee One in "tethered" mode, then we sell a range of charging cables for use at home and with public chargers.

Once you've completed this installation quote request form, you can browse our charging cables on our homepage.

Tesla Wall Connectors can only be ordered directly from the Tesla store. Please advise if yours has been ordered.

This charge point requires a mobile signal to operate. Please confirm you have checked that there is a strong mobile signal at the location you want the charger installing.

This charger requires a WiFi signal to operate. Please confirm you have checked that there is a strong WiFi signal at the location you want the charger.

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If you're applying for the Workplace Charge Scheme (WCS), please check you meet the requirements found here.

You must first apply for the Workplace Charge Scheme on the Government website here.

The Government will issue you with a WCS Voucher Code which you should enter here.

Your vehicle make and model also helps us check the correct charge point has been ordered (i.e. Type 1 or Type 2).

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