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Compare prices, coverage and more of destination chargers with our handy comparison tool. Compare the cost of destination charging networks side-by-side to see which one best suits your journey. Simply choose your vehicle, then adjust the mileage dial and get a true reflection on charging costs.

What is destination charging? Scroll down to read our guide to destination EV charging below our tool.

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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

Battery size

53 kWh

Charge speed

37 mph


254 miles

{{ mileage }}

Miles per trip

Adjust your trip mileage

Adjust your trip mileage

{{ mileage }} Miles per trip

Price per kWh may vary depending on location and usage

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View Octopus Agile tariff

Monthly Fee: {{ item.tariff_standing_charge }}

Rate: {{ item.tariff_off_peak_rate }}p / kWh

Charge Speed: {{ item.tariff_charge_speed }}

Coverage: {{ item.tariff_geo_coverage }}

Contactless Electric Juice Compatible
{{ ((batterySize * item.tariff_off_peak_rate).toFixed(2) / carRange).toFixed(2) }}p

Pence per mile

£{{ (batterySize * item.tariff_off_peak_rate / 100).toFixed(2) }}

Single charge

£{{ (((batterySize * item.tariff_off_peak_rate) / carRange).toFixed(2) * mileage / 100).toFixed(2) }}

Per trip

Destination Charging Cost Comparison

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