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Based on your answers, we weren't able to send you an Instant Quote this time. But we will send you a quote within two working days - simply complete the Online Site Survey we've emailed to you and you'll get a bespoke installation quote from us.


Then, review the quote, select your preferred payment method and pay to kickstart the installation process.

What happens next?

1. Online Site Survey

Complete your Online Site Survey and we'll send your quote within two working days. The survey is guided and only takes a few minutes.

2. Charger dispatch

Once you’ve paid for your quote, we will dispatch your EV charger the next working day. Depending on the product, your new EV charger should be delivered within 1-3 working days ready for our engineer on installation day.

3. DNO notification

Installers are required to notify your DNO (Distribution Network Operator) of your upcoming installation. This is in place to ensure EV chargers are installed safely and will not unduly affect your property’s electricity supply or the local area.

We notify the DNO on your behalf but response times from the DNO is out of our control and vary.

In some instances, the DNO may need to visit the property and they may charge you for any potential works that need to be carried out before installation (such as unlooping a looped supply). This is dependent on your DNO and any associated works or costs are not within the control of Smart Home Charge.

4. Installation

Once the above steps are complete, we can book an installation date for you. We’ll agree a date with you and provide an arrival window for when our engineer will be with you.

A few days before installation, you’ll receive a message with some instructions to prepare for our engineer’s arrival.

On the day of installation, we’ll send you a text message with a link to track your engineer’s location and proximity to your home.

Your engineer will carry out the installation and complete the initial setup of your home EV charger. You can learn more in our guide to the installation process.

Will my quote change?

As long as the information you’ve provided us is honest and accurate, and not wildly different from the reality, then there will not be any hidden charges on the day of installation. The price in your quote is the price you’ll pay.

After payment, we do require you to complete a short online survey so we can submit a notification to your DNO.

If we spot any discrepancies or something unusual, we may get in touch for clarification about the work involved. In some circumstances we will quote for additional works if it’s necessary, but this will be determined early in the process so you have the chance to make an informed decision and get a full refund if you prefer.