Polestar 2 production begins at China plant

27th Mar 2020 Danny Morgan

Polestar 2 – the all-electric performance car – has entered production in China, despite the worldwide focus on tackling the Coronavirus epidemic.

The Launch Edition of the Polestar 2 will be available with 408hp, all-wheel drive and a 78kWh battery pack offering a range of about 290 miles (WLTP). Prices start from £49,900 for the UK.

The car, which features a built-in infotainment system powered by Android, will be delivered in the summer of 2020 starting with Europe.

Despite the challenging circumstances of the Coronavirus epidemic, Polestar CEO said production would still go ahead at its Lucqiao plant in China.

“The world is facing enormous upheaval in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. We start production now under these challenging circumstances, with a strong focus on the health and safety of our people. This is a great achievement and the result of huge efforts from the staff in the factory and the team securing the supply chain. I have a huge amount of respect for the entire team – thanks to them!”

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