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Most Jaguar I-PACE owners need just two charges a week

31st Jul 2019 Danny Morgan

Data released by Jaguar reveals that 87 per cent of I-PACE owners only need a maximum of two charges per week to cover their mileage for the week.

In fact, 52 per cent of I-PACE owners would only need to charge once every seven days according to data from the Go I-PACE app.

More than 35,000 journeys were logged by Jaguar’s smartphone app (which can be used in any vehicle), revealing the average user clocked up to 216 miles per week, with an average journey measuring 8.4 miles. Plus, with a compatible home charging solution, such as a 7kW charger installed at home, drivers could achieve a zero to 80 per cent charge in just over 10 hours – ideal for overnight charging used by the majority of EV drivers.

By measuring daily use in any car, the Go I-PACE app, for iPhone or Android, allows would-be buyers to understand how the I-PACE would fit into their lives. The app calculates potential cost savings, how much battery would have been used per trip and the number of full charges that would be required to cover the cumulative distance driven, all by tracking individual user journey data via the location services on a smartphone.

Joanna Hewitt, Digital Innovations, Jaguar Land Rover said: “The Go I-PACE app was designed to demonstrate how EV ownership can benefit drivers, particularly in understanding journey impact on range and how often they would need to plug in. Looking at the data we have had so far it is clear to see that not only is I-PACE ownership cost-effective, it is extremely convenient too.”

Range calculator

To help EV owners and potential owners understand the range potential of electric vehicles, Jaguar has launched a new online calculator giving users greater insight into the effects that factors such as wheel size, temperature and other features have on the vehicle’s maximum range of 292 miles (WLTP).

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