Mercedes eSprinter costs from £51,950

14th Aug 2020 Danny Morgan

Prices and specs for Mercedes’ large eSprinter van have been revealed with the base model starting from £51,950 before the £8,000 Government plug-in vehicle grant is deducted.


What is it?

The eSprinter (no surprises here) is the all-electric version of the Sprinter. We’ve known about the eSprinter for a while, but now Mercedes has released full details on pricing and specs.


What you need to know?

Rejoice! Rapid charging!

One of the big letdowns for the capable, but slightly underwhelming eVito, was the lack of rapid charging functionality. The short range was useable, but the lack of rapid charging meant the eVito was restricted to a small radius – i.e. drives beyond its range weren’t really feasible as the charging time was simply too long to get you home.

Fortunately, the eSprinter remedies this. There are two rapid charging options – one offers 20kW DC rapid charging resulting in a 10-80% charge time of 120 minutes. Admittedly that’s not very rapid, so we would go for the 80kW DC rapid charging option, which gives you an 80% recharge in 30 minutes.

When charging at home, you’re looking at a recharge time of around seven hours from empty to full.


Range and performance

The eSprinter has a range of up to 96 miles thanks to the 55kWh battery pack. While it is not a vast improvement on the eVito, the rapid charging feature makes the eSprinter far more able when it comes to covering a larger area of work.

According to Mercedes, the average daily van mileage across Europe is just 60 miles, so in their eyes the short range is justified. It helps keep the weight down without compromising on payload and capacity.

In reality, this van is aimed at “last-mile delivery” operations.


Size, Trim and Equipment

The eSprinter is only available in one size with a medium length and high roof (L2 H2). It has a maximum payload of up to 774kg which is a fair bit less than the max payload of the diesel variant at 1,516kg.

However, the battery pack is mounted underneath the floor which means load space is uncompromised.

There is just the one trim for the eSprinter, but you do get some better equipment as standard with the Progressive trim compared to the eVito.

The eSprinter gets some creature comforts as standard, including heated seat for the driver with armrest, adjustable steering wheel, air-conditioning, and an 8-metre Type 2 charging cable.

The in-car entertainment includes DAB radio and Bluetooth to enable hands-free calls.

We would recommend upgrading the in-car system to Mercedes’ Audio40 setup. It’s not great in its own right, but it does enable the use of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which will transform the in-car entertainment as well as making use of Google or Apple Maps for navigation.

There’s a range of solid and metallic paints available and you can also option alloy wheels if you don’t fancy the 16” steel ones.

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