Is Lotus about to “redesign” car ownership?

13th May 2020 Danny Morgan

Lotus has teamed up with British Gas owner Centrica in a bid to “redesign” electric car ownership.

Few details have been given, but the two companies are working together to develop a “new model for electric vehicle ownership that fully integrates future mobility and energy”.

Joining the dots, it sounds like V2G (Vehicle To Grid) is part of the plan which would see EVs form part of the national grid helping to balance load by storing energy and releasing it back to the grid.

Lotus, which is planning to launch its Evija electric hypercar, says the partnership will lead to a new global charging and energy infrastructure, although its unclear what this is exactly.

Lotus Cars CEO Phil Popham said: “Our journey to net-zero carbon is absolutely lock-in-step with the Vision80 strategy for Lotus – taking us to eighty years of the business in 2028.  By then we will have transformed Lotus into a truly global player in the high-performance high-technology sector with a new range of cars that remain true to our fundamental promise of always being ‘For The Drivers’. 

“The difference is the energy and infrastructure that will power and support these products in the future – this new partnership demonstrates the progress being made and the ambition of our vision.”

Carl Bayliss, Vice President of Centrica Innovations, said: “Owning an electric vehicle isn’t the same as owning an internal combustion engine car. We see a future where the customer, car and home are connected, enabling new services beyond charging the car, and new products and experiences replacing the unremarkable standard relationship with energy and the ownership of a car today.

“Lotus is the perfect partner as we embark on this, given the recognition and appeal of the brand globally and the fact that it is right at the beginning of its electrification journey.”

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