British Gas orders 1,000 electric Vivaro vans

8th Jul 2020 Danny Morgan

British Gas has ordered 1,000 electric vans from Vauxhall, representing the largest electric vehicle order for a UK commercial fleet.

Centrica, the owner of British Gas, has committed to electrifying its fleet of 12,000 vehicles by 2030. British Gas has the third largest commercial fleet in the UK.

The order of 1,000 Vauxhall Vivaro-e vans, which have a range of up to 185 miles, will arrive over the next 12 months and rolled out across the workforce.

Engineers can volunteer to have the new vans, but Centrica says that areas where low emissions are even more important or where a van needs replacing will be prioritised.

Commercial fleets are increasingly looking to transition to electric vehicles not only for environmental reasons but for economical ones. Our editor explains why electric vans make good business sense here.

Matthew Bateman, managing director of British Gas, said:

“Our engineers and their vans are part of the local community they serve and it’s important we reduce the emissions of our vans so that we are contributing towards better air quality in their area and the environment. We are committed to the transition to electric vehicles which involves changing our fleet as well as helping consumers and businesses with charge points and infrastructure. Transport is a key area where we can improve carbon emissions and is an important part of our strategy to meet our net zero targets."

Grant Schapps, Secretary of State for Transport, said:

"Today’s announcement marks another milestone as we continue on the road to a green transport recovery. This is a huge step for such an iconic British company, who are showing leadership in making the switch to zero emission vehicles as we to strive to meet net zero emissions by 2050. We’re determined to build back greener – to deliver better air quality and lower our carbon footprint, which is why we’re investing more than ever in zero emission grants and infrastructure."

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