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What is the charger installation process?

15th Nov 2019 Danny Morgan

We try to keep things simple when it comes to electric cars, but we're also honest and upfront about the installation process and costs. Here it is step by step. 


1. Choose a charger

Use our electric car charger comparison page to find the ideal device for you, your vehicle and your budget. Or you can find a compatible charger for your vehicle by browsing our car guides. Simply find your vehicle and the page will display compatible chargers for your EV or plug-in hybrid.


2. Request a quote

Once you've chosen a charger, simply press the "Request a Quote" button. This will start the rest of the process.

Don't worry if you're not 100% sure of the charger you want - that's easy to change later. The important bit is about to start...


3. Complete your pre-installation survey

The next step is to complete your Online Site Survey so we can give you an honest and accurate quote for your charger installation. We do this so you get the full picture (and costs) of what is required before you make a purchase. This way, you can make an informed decision.


4. Accept your quote and pay

Our in-house engineers will assess the requirements for your charger installation. Next our support team will send you the quote for the charger and the installation work. If you are eligible for the OLEV Grant, this will be included on the quote.


5. Charger ordered/DNO notification

Once you've paid, we order your charger and get it sent to you. Before any installation, we must also let the DNO we will be installing a car charger at your property. In some cases your DNO may want to carry out works.


6. OLEV application

Before we can book a date for your installation, we need to gather some details from you for your OLEV Grant application. After payment, please Schedule a Callback with our OLEV team to start this process. We cannot go ahead with your installation until this is done. 

Note: While we process and submit your application on your behalf, we are unable to approve applications. This resides with the Government OLEV department and can take up to four months for approval to be confirmed. Although, the Grant discount is applied to your quote at the payment stage, you could be liable for the grant if the claim is rejected – so it’s really important to check you are eligible and help us help you with the claim and evidence required.


7. Installation

Once you have your charger, the DNO has been notified and your OLEV Grant application has been submitted, we will get to the exciting stuff and book an installation date for you. 


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