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What evidence do I need to provide for my OLEV Grant?

20th May 2020 Danny Morgan

We need to show the Government OLEV department that you are eligible for the £350 grant. This guide explains what evidence you will need to share with us in order to be approved for the grant.

This guide is about the evidence you will need to share with Smart Home Charge to claim the OLEV Grant. If you haven’t bought a charger installation yet and you would like to find out if you are eligible for the grant in the first place, visit this guide.

Proof of Ownership

As part of your OLEV Grant claim, you will need to share some documents with us that prove you are eligible for the grant. This table explains what evidence we need. Please read this carefully and try to be ready in advance of your OLEV Grant application phone call.

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It’s really important the correct evidence is supplied when you complete your OLEV Grant application through our online portal.

Your OLEV Grant application must be processed prior to installation. Incorrect evidence, or blurry photographs, will be rejected by the Government OLEV department and this will result in a delay to your installation.

Any applications where the evidence provided is either incorrect or insubstantial evidence could be rejected by the Government OLEV department. If this happens, you could be liable to pay the OLEV Grant value.


Get ready for your OLEV Grant phone call

Before you submit your evidence online, we will call you and ask a few questions to start the claim process.

Please have ready:

  • Name of the driver claiming the OLEV Grant (this should be the registered keeper of the vehicle too)
  • Address and contact details (matching the driver claiming the Grant) 
  • Vehicle Make and Model Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Order Agreement
  • MPAN or electricity supply number. This is found on your electricity bill or you


How do you find your MPAN number

Our OLEV team will need your MPAN or energy supply number, which is a 13 or 21-digit number found on your electricity bill. It should look like this.


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