Tesla Wall Connector Troubleshooting – common issues and solutions

16th Jun 2021 Kyle Roache

Having some issues with your Tesla Wall Connector? Here are some simple solutions to try before contacting Tesla.

No product is perfect or without its faults and the same goes for electric car chargers. That’s why we’ve created this handy troubleshooting guide for the Tesla Wall Connector.

Have a look – you never know, you might solve your problem with the simple flick of a switch.


Try this first

Reset the Tesla Wall Connector

Sometimes a reset is all you need to fix most problems that might occur with your charger. To reset the Tesla Wall Connector first you’ll need to:

  1. Locate the circuit breaker that the charger is connected to
  2. Turn the circuit breaker to the off position and leave it there for 10 seconds in order to allow any residual current to drain.
  3. Turn the circuit breaker back on.
  4. Wait for the charger to power back on. The light on the front should glow a solid green if the charger has powered on and connected successfully.
Check that the Tesla Wall Connector is connected to WiFi

In order to stay up to date with the latest firmware, the 3rd Generation Tesla Wall Connector uses WiFi as its connectivity source. To check if it is connected to WiFi you’ll need to:

  1. Press and hold the cable handle button for 5 seconds
  2. If step one is successful, the LED on the front of the main unit should start glowing green and will start broadcasting its own WiFi access point for 15 minutes
  3. Using your phone, connect to the WiFi signal emitted from the charge point. You should see the chargers’ name appear in the WiFi connectivity options on your phone.
  4. When prompted by your phone, enter the 12 digit password located on the front of your chargers’ quick start guide.
  5. Using your phones’ camera, scan the QR code below or enter the IP address into
  6. Enter your WiFi details where prompted

If done successfully, you should receive a confirmation screen telling you that your charger has successfully connected to your WiFi network and that it’s ready to charge.


Tesla Wall Connector – specific issues

If you’ve reset the unit and checked the WiFi connection, but the problem still persists then try the following.


My charger is not charging my vehicle and the lights on the front of the charger are not showing

This means that there's no electrical current going to charger. Check the circuit that the charger is connected to and make sure the switch hasn't tripped. If the switch is still in the on position and your wall connector is still showing no power, please contact your installer.


My charger is not charging my vehicle or it’s not charging my vehicle as fast as usual. There’s also three red blinking lights on the front.

This problem can occur due to high temperatures. In California, where Tesla is based, the hot weather can be a factor behind this problem. In the UK, however, the weather is less likely to be an issue but it is something to keep in mind on those occasional hot summer days. If you are experiencing one of these rare days, please leave the charger alone for a few minutes in order to allow the charger to cool down.

A high-temperature warning can also occur if the charger has been installed incorrectly. To check if this is the case, feel the faceplate of the charger and the handle of the charging gun for excessive warmth. If you do feel excessive warmth in these areas please leave the charge point alone and contact your installer.


The online features of my Tesla Wall Connector aren’t working. There are also four blinking red lights on the front of the unit.

The four blinking red lines on the charger signify that your charger is having problems connecting to your WiFi network. Firstly, please check to see if your WiFi router is fully operational and connected to the internet.

If you have changed the password on your router recently you’ll need to update your charger with the new details. You can do this by following the instructions in the “check that the Tesla Wall Connector is connected to WiFi” section above.

If your router is fully connected and working but you are still experiencing problems with your charger connecting to it then your issue might be to do with signal strength in the area of your charger. We do ask customers to check the signal strength at the charger location before install but it’s also good practice to check the signal strength afterward too if you’re experiencing connectivity issues, especially if you’ve recently moved your router.

You can do this by bringing any WiFi enabled mobile device to the area where the charger is installed and checking the number of bars on the signal strength indicator (usually located on the top right corner of the screen if using a smartphone).


The LED on the front of my Tesla Wall Connector is glowing solid red and not charging my vehicle

If you’re experiencing this problem even after resetting the circuit breaker, then you’ll need to contact your installer as there might be a hardware fault.

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