Setup guide – how to set up the Tesla Wall Connector

28th Jun 2021 Kyle Roache

In this guide, we will be explaining how to set up your Tesla Wall Charger as well as what to expect when the charger arrives on your doorstep

The Tesla Wall Connector is a charger unlike others. Not only is the Tesla Wall Connector the only charger we sell that doesn’t qualify for the OZEV grant but it’s also the only charger we sell that doesn’t have its own independent app. Instead, the Tesla Wall Connector takes commands via a connected Tesla vehicle. This is why we don’t recommend this charger to anyone but Tesla owners unless you’re in the market for a very nice looking “dumb charger”.

On the plus side, however, not having an app means that there’s very little to do in terms of setup. With the arrival of the Tesla Wall Connector 3rd gen, you do now need to connect the charger to WiFi but it’s a fairly simple process and Tesla has promised it will be regularly sending updates “over the air” which will bring exciting new features to owners.


Step 1: Receive your charger

The Tesla Wall Connector is ordered directly from the Tesla store. To access the store and make a purchase, you must be a Tesla vehicle owner with a login. Smart Home Charge can complete the installation for you, but your Tesla Wall Connector will need to be ordered by yourself. You should receive your Tesla Wall Connector ahead of your installation date. You don’t need to do anything with it, but it’s worth checking the contents of the box to make sure it isn’t damaged.

In the box you should see:

Once the Tesla Wall Charger is in your hands and you've checked that everything that should be in the box is in the box, let us know it has arrived safely. You do this by clicking on the “My Charger Has Arrived” button in the email we sent you. This is important and lets our system know we are one step closer to booking your installation. Knowing you have the correct charger also means we can book you in for installation and allows us to resolve any issues (if there are any) before installation day.


Step 2: Set-up the WiFi (Tesla Wall Connector 3rd generation only)

Unlike previous generations of the Wall Connector, the new third-generation now requires a WiFi connection with your home router to work. This is because Tesla will be releasing updates for the charge point.

If your installation is being completed by a Smart Home Charge engineer, they should complete the following steps for you. To connect your newly installed Tesla Wall Connector to the home WiFi:

  1. Turn on the wall charger via the circuit switch. If everything is operational, the Wall Connector should display a line of green LEDs for 10 seconds
  2. Using a WiFi enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet, you can either: 
    • scan the QR code found on the front of the quick start guide; or 
    • stand near the wall connector, open the WiFi settings on your chosen device and connect to the Wall Connector (the WiFi signal name should be “TeslaWallConnector_” followed by a six-digit code). The password is located on the front of the quick start guide under “WPA2”.
  3. Once connected scan the QR code below (this can also be found inside the QuickStart guide). If you are using a laptop or a device that does not have a camera, then type the following into the devices’ web browser:
  4. If successful you’ll see your unit information followed by four boxes. Tap/click the box that says “WiFi”
  5. Select your home WiFi from the list of options and enter your password when prompted
  6. If entered correctly you’ll be moved to the connection editing screen. Here you can edit your connectivity information such as your password or WiFi name if you need to.
  7. Tap/click “back” when finished
  8. Under "WiFi" in the menu, you should see a green dot with the word “connected” next to it.


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