EO Mini Pro review

17th Jun 2020 Danny Morgan

We review the EO Mini Pro 1 - one of the most compact chargers available. But is it worth paying out for such a small package?

The EO Mini Pro is one of the smallest EV chargers on the market. Made in Britain, it’s a popular choice for those looking for something discreet.

But does form factor come at the cost of usability? Read what our editor Danny Morgan has to say about the first generation EO Mini Pro. 

Note: Smart Home Charge now installs the Sync EV as an alternative to the EO Mini Pro. The reason we chose the Sync EV was due to the unit having built-in earthing protection. This means the installation does not require an earth rod or an additional and expensive Matte-E device. This review is not for the new and updated EO Mini Pro 2 which has launched since we first reviewed the original EO Mini Pro.


EO Mini Pro 1 review – the Smart Home Charge view

The charger

Based in Norfolk, EO is one of the UK’s leading charge point manufacturers with a range of products to suit the domestic and commercial market. We’re reviewing the  EO Mini Pro with a focus on the untethered version, although there is a tethered option available but this undermines the best part of this charger in our view.

The compact size and modern design is undeniably the most compelling feature of the EO Mini Pro. As the name suggests, it is diminutive in size and discreet by nature – although if you choose the right colour, it can be also be a bold statement.

I should know because I have one. Because our charge point was to be located on the front of our house and most of the time it would be on show, we wanted something small and unassuming. The EO Mini Pro is the obvious choice for this, measuring just 175mm high by 125mm wide and 95mm deep.

The build quality is really good too. Despite its size it has a reassuring weightiness to it and the smooth, glossy finish adds to the premium feel.

The app

This is where things get a little tricky for the EO Mini Pro. While EO does have its own app for other products in its range, the EO Mini Pro uses the JuiceNet platform.

The setup and pairing of the EO Mini Pro and the app is a slight pain. Upon being switched on, the EO has a time-limited WiFi signal of a few minutes during which you need to pair it with your JuiceNet app. Failure to do so will mean you need to switch the EO off at the mains and back on again.

This aside, the JuiceNet app is functional but not particularly user friendly. I’ve encountered a number of bugs where the time on the app is incorrect (which is important for charge scheduling) and on occasion the smart charging did not work at all.

On the whole, it does what it needs to, but eventually I opted to just use the scheduling functions built in to my car which says it all really.

Not all cars have scheduling functionality built in so please check with your dealer. Even so, these functions can be limited.


I really like the EO Mini Pro. It’s a fantastic piece of design, built in Britain, robust, and I like EO as a company. I wish I could end my review there, but unfortunately the use of the JuiceNet app really does let it down.

It’s a shame the JuiceNet app drags the EO Mini Pro down with it. Use of the app is not necessary if you can circumvent it through scheduling features in your vehicle, but not all cars have this. 

Plus, when you buy a smart EV charger, the app is part of the package and the JuiceNet app just isn't good enough. EO has since released the EO Mini Pro 2 which uses the company's own app and reports are this is far better. 

It's all the more sad, then, that the original was so hampered by poor app software.


So who should buy this charger?

If you want something small and discreet with the flexibility of an untethered unit, then the EO Mini Pro is still probably your best option, especially if you can get your hands on the updated (with better app) EO Mini Pro 2.

If you can’t be bothered with the faff of a slightly tricky app setup or you want a reliable app, then the Ohme and Wallbox Pulsar Plus are better options.

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