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Setup guide - how to set up the Project EV charger and app

16th Apr 2020 Danny Morgan

This short guide explains how to set up your Project EV charger for the first time and get to grips with the app.


Step 1: Check the charger

You should receive your Project EV charger before installation day. You don’t need to do anything with it, but it’s good practice to check the contents inside the box to make sure there isn’t any damage and to check you have the correct product.

Please also let us know the charger has arrived safely. You do this by clicking on the “My Charger Has Arrived” button in the email we sent you when the charger was ordered. This is important and lets our system know we are one step closer to booking your installation. Knowing you have the correct charger also means we can book you in for installation and allows us to resolve any issues (if there are any) before installation day.


Step 2: Download the app

Before installation, please download the Project EV app from your smartphone app store. Click the links below to download the Project EV app:


Step 3: Set up the app

The charger will need to be installed and switched on to complete the app setup, so some steps will need to wait until or after installation day.

However, you can get ready by downloading the app (using the links above) and registering your Project EV account.


Getting started

  1. Download and open the app
  2. You’ll be presented with a sign-in screen. If you already have an account, please sign in.
  3. To register a new account, select “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the app screen.
  4. Enter a username, password and the other details requested. Agree to the user agreement and select “Sign Up”
  5. Sign in with your new login credentials. You are now ready to set up your new charger after installation.

Before completing the rest of the app setup on or after installation day, please make sure you are connected to your WiFi and have a stable connection.


Initial setup and pairing

Watch this video from Project EV and follow the instructions or scroll down the page to see our step-by-step guide.


  1. Open the Project EV app and select “Add New Device”
  2. Enter the serial number of the EV charger. This is on the side of your charger. Press confirm.

Pair the charger with your app. To do this:

  1. Go to your mobile’s WiFi settings.
  2. Switch the charger off
  3. Power the charger back on. This should enable pairing mode for 60 seconds
  4. The serial number for you charger will now be displayed in the available WiFi networks to connect to on your mobile phone
  5. Select your charger and enter the password “12345678”
  6. Open the Project EV app and select the icon in the top right corner of the app screen.
  7. The serial number should be displayed. Press connect.
  8. Scroll down to the WiFi name field and input the “SSID” name for your broadband router. You should be able to find this on the back of your router. This is case sensitive.
  9. Press enter and input your WiFi password. If you haven’t changed your WiFi password, this will also be found on your broadband router.
  10. Now scroll to the charging model field and select it. If you have purchased your charger from Smart Home Charge, please select “App/RFID”
  11. Check the settings are correct and then press “Save” in the top right corner of the app.

You’ve now paired your charger with your app and the initial setup is complete.


Final setup

  1. Click “Settings” in the bottom left of the app screen and select “Parameter Settings”
  2. Here you can change the charger name and other settings. Change the “Charger Name” to something more memorable, such as “Our Home Charger”.
  3. Press “Save”

Your setup is now complete.


Project EV Contact Details and Technical Support:

For any additional assistance or technical support, please visit the Curv360 website (the home of Project EV) or call 08000612140 and follow the menu instructions.



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