Setup guide – how to set up the EO Mini Pro and app

27th Jul 2020 Danny Morgan

This short guide explains how to get your EO Mini Pro app ready for installation day.


EO Charging Contact Details and Technical Support:

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Or call 03337720383


Step 1: Check the charger

You’ll receive your EO Mini Pro charge point ahead of your installation date. Please let us know when it arrives as we are unable to book you in for installation until we know you have the device.

Please also check the contents of the box, that the unit is not damaged and, if you’ve ordered a tethered EO Mini Pro, that is has correct cable. If you have the untethered version (socket only), there will be no cable.


Step 2: Download the app for EO Mini Pro

Before installation, please download either the EV JuiceNet app

You can find the app by searching “EV JuiceNet app” (made by Enel X) in your smartphone app store or click to download it using these links:


Step 3: Set up the app

The EO Mini Pro will need to be installed to complete the app set up and pairing process, but you can get ready in the meantime.


Getting started
  1. Download and open the EV JuiceNet app
  2. Create an account or log in to your EV JuiceNet account.

The rest of the setup will have to wait until the charge point is installed.


Initial setup and pairing on installation day

The Smart Home Charge engineer will set up your EO Mini Pro app and connect it to the charge point, but if you prefer to do it yourself or you’d like to understand the process, read the following instructions.

There is also a video walkthrough of these instructions here:

  1. The EO Mini Pro must be installed and tested first by the engineer
  2. Open the EV JuiceNet app
  3. Select “Add JuiceNet Device” and select “Start”
  4. Select “Connect Now”. Get your password ready for your home WiFi network
  5. When you’re ready, turn off the EO Mini Pro at the circuit breaker.
  6. Select Next
  7. Turn on the circuit breaker for the EO Mini Pro. This puts the charge point into pairing mode for two minutes. App setup must be completed within this time.
  8. Exit the app and enter your phone’s settings and select WiFi settings. You should see the EO Mini Pro listed in the WiFi network as “JuiceBox-###” or “JuiceNet-###”. Select this network. For example “JuiceNet-123”. If a password is required, enter “GoElectric”
  9. Return to the JuiceNet app.
  10. Select your home WiFi network and enter the password for your home WiFi.
  11. Click “Connect JuiceNet device to Wi-Fi”
  12. The app should verify the connection and show a green tick when successful.
  13. Click Next to return to the app homescreen.
  14. You can now enter which vehicle you have
  15. Now it’s time to set the current setting. This must match those of the rotary switch in the EO Mini Pro. The engineer should do this, but if you are setting up the app then make sure to check with the engineer.
  16. In the app, select the menu (three bars in top right of screen)
  17. Select Settings
  18. Under “Charging Maximum Rate (A)”, set the maximum current to the same value as that on the EO Mini Pro. For example, 32.
  19. While you are in settings, change the time zone to “UTS + 00:00 Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London”. This is important – if not changed, then smart charging or scheduled charging will not work correctly.

You are now able to set schedules, monitor your charging history as well as costs.

If you’d like to learn more about the features in the EV JuiceNet app for your EO Mini Pro, you can find them in this video:

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