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Andersen A2 review – customer feedback and our view

1st Jul 2020 Danny Morgan

Read real-world customer feedback and what we have to say about the Andersen A2 in our review.

The Andersen A2 is arguably the most stylish home charge point on the market. Available in a range of finishes, it certainly stands out from the crowd.

But is it a case of style over substance? Read what our editor Danny Morgan has to say about the Andersen A2 in our review below and see real feedback from customers who have bought this charger and had it installed.


Andersen A2 – the Smart Home Charge view

The charger

Manufactured in the UK, the Andersen ethos is that just because your home charge point is a mainly functional device it doesn’t have to be “ugly”.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying other charge points are ugly, but it is fair to say the Andersen A2 is the best-looking product on the market.

The range of finishes seem endless – the standard finish is a smooth stainless steel available in eight different colours. You can even upgrade to one of four wood finishes – eco-friendly of course. If you get tired of one finish, then the modular nature of the A2 means you can just replace the front with a different one – a nice touch.

There is no denying how good the Andersen A2 looks and the appearance is the main reason you would choose this charge point.

They are quite big units at 490 x 345 x 120mm and heavy too, though that is understandable given the materials involved. Besides it will be wall mounted so it isn’t really a concern.

Another advantage of the A2 is the cable storage is all hidden away. The charging cable fits neatly in a “groove” between the front and the chassis. There’s even a storage compartment to stow away the charging plug.

It’s a really well-designed product and is one of the few chargers that can actually complement your property.

The app

Andersen’s Konnect app had a rocky start, with numerous issues and bugs plaguing the release. Customers had reported issues with the setup and login, while scheduling simply did not work for some.

However, the app has had significant updates as of June 2020 and it appears to have ironed out the earlier issues.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to test the latest version but more recent customer reviews on the Apple store and Google Play store suggest the Konnect app is now in a very usable state.

Basic smart scheduling functions are included, allowing you to decide when you EV charges such as overnight for off-peak low-cost charging.

The Andersen also has a remote locking feature which is controlled within the app. This means you can always be sure that your Andersen A2 is secure and not able to be used without your knowledge.

The app will also display your energy usage, recent charging sessions and the cost to charge your EV during those sessions.

The app does the job, but I will update this part of the review once I have used the new version more extensively.


Had it not been for recent app updates, then the Andersen A2 really would be a mixed bag and quite a hard sell at this price – starting from £995 installed.

But the company seems to have overcome some of the early teething issues and until I see evidence suggesting otherwise then I think it’s fair to say the app is of the quality you’d expect.

Who is this for?

This product is aimed at those who either want a charge point that makes a design statement or for those who want to avoid a wall charger being a blemish on your property. The Andersen is capable of both standing out or blending in depending on the finish you choose.

The Andersen A2 does have 22kW three-phase charging built in, so this is a nice feature if you have three-phase at home.

There isn’t really a similar product to recommend that compares to the Andersen. You know if it’s for you and if you can afford it.


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