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In a nutshell: the solar king

Zappi, from myenergi, is the charger to go for if you have solar panels at your home. It is an extremely capable electric car charger on its own, and we love it here at Smart Home Charge, but the Zappi really comes into its own when combined with your solar PV system (if you have solar panels on your roof).

Available as a socket-only or as a Type 2 tethered unit, the Zappi can automatically divert energy from your solar panels (if you have them) to directly charge your car – free energy to power your EV!The three primary modes (Eco, Eco+ and Fast) allow you to determine the behaviour of your Zappi and how it uses surplus solar for to charge your car. 

It’s this adaptiveness and flexibility that many of our customers find so appealing. Even if you don’t have solar panels right now, the Zappi is still a terrific charger – besides, you can always add wind or solar generation later.

Note: myenergi Hub is required for the Zappi to be OLEV Grant eligible.


Good to know:

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Charger Options
Some options may incur additional cost.

  • Tethered 7.4kW - cable attached. Type 2 only
  • Untethered 7.4kW - socket only (no cable)
  • Tethered 22kW - cable attached. Type 2 only
  • Untethered 22kW - socket only (no cable)
  • Colours - White or Black


  • Unrivalled solar PV capability – Zappi will automatically make the most of your solar generation to charge your EV with free energy.
  • Three charging modes – Eco, Eco+ and Fast – so you can decide whether to prioritise free solar energy or speed of charge.
  • Eco mode will continuously adjust how your vehicle charges depending on whether there is surplus energy available from your solar, but Zappi will also pull power from the grid if needed.
  • Eco+ doubles down on your renewable energy generation, prioritising surplus solar or wind energy for your EV. In this scenario, charging will pause if too much energy is imported from the grid.
  • Fast mode will charge your vehicle at maximum power, just like any other charger, using your solar PV system and the grid.
  • PIN security – locked and unlocked with your own secure PIN.
  • Info at a glance – LCD display gives you a range of information about your charging status and where the energy is coming from.
  • No earthing rod required – built-in RCD protection means an earthing rod is not necessary.
  • CT Clamp included to help monitor energy status of the home
  • 5m cable with option of upgrade to longer cable
  • Handy LED display shows Wifi connectivity, charging status and power status.
  • Can charge at up to 7.4kW for single-phase energy supply and up to 22kW for three-phase energy supply.


  • Remote control your Zappi via the myenergi app (myenergi Hub required)
  • Stop/start charging via the app
  • Plan charging around your off-peak electricity using the Scheduling feature. For example, set the charger to charge your vehicle between the hours of 12 and 4am.
  • View household power distribution and consumption wherever you are, in real time.
  • Animated graphic shows how and where your power is being generated and used.
  • Change modes to suit your needs via the app.
  • Available on iOS and Android App.


  • To take full advantage of your solar panels, myenergi has developed a suite of products that work together to make the most of your free energy. These include the Zappi car charger, Eddi energy diverter for your hot water and heating, as well as the Harvi wireless sensor.
  • Harvi wireless sensor: the Zappi comes with a CT Clamp to help monitor energy in your household, but sometimes accessibility issues mean that the Harvi wireless sensor is a better option.
  • Eddi solar heated hot water: if you'd like your solar panels to heat your hot water and form part of the myenergi ecosystem of products, you will need the Eddie. This means the Eddie, Zappi and Hub communicate with each other to manage your solar PV system and where the solar energy is directed.

Charging options: 

7.4kW - 3x faster than a three-pin plug (single-phase - standard UK dwellings)*
22kW - 10x faster than a three-pin plug 22 kW (requires three-phase supply)*

Colours: Black or White

Dock: n/a

Dimensions: H439 x W282 x D122mm 

Weight: 6.2kg

Socket-only - none
Tethered unit - Type 2 only; 6.5m cable

Socket-only - compatible with Type 1 and 2 cables/vehicles
Type 2 tethered unit - compatible with Type 2 vehicles only

Codes and Standards: CE marked (compliant to EN 65851-1 and -22), IP66 rated OLEV registered, qualifies for Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grants

Warranty: 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for residential usage.

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