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Project EV EVA-07S


In a nutshell: does the basics

The Project EV EVA-07S is one of our best-selling chargers. It's a cost effective charge point if you just want a basic product and you're not worried about the style.

Because it is a socket only charge point (with no cable attached), it means it is compatible with any EV on the market. It will charge up to 7.4kW, which adds up to 30 miles of charge to your car per hour - although this does depend on your vehicle.

The app allows you to schedule a charge, such as overnight, however some customers find it difficult to set up and use.

If you are looking for a cost-effective electric car charging station that does what it says on the tin, and you're not put off by the tricky app setup, then the Project EV is a good option.

Pro Earth Unit Upgrade
For a small extra cost, you can also upgrade to the Project EV Pro Earth. This version includes built-in earthing protection which avoids the need for an earth stake to be installed at your property, resulting in a safe and neater installation. If we see on your site survey that your installation requires an earth rod, we will automatically quote for the Pro Earth version.   

Note: standard Project EV unit may require an earth rod installing at a cost of £45.00+VAT 


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Project EV EVA-07S Features

WiFi and ethernet

Built-in Wifi connectivity as well as ethernet connection for added network stability. Note: The Project EV requires a WIFI signal at the charge point location for the app features to function. An ethernet connection is not included in a standard installation.

Simple to use

The EVA-07S is a no-frills, easy-to-use product. No unnecessary features to get your head around - just simple charging.

Create charging schedules

Using the app, you can set the Project EV to charge at a time to suit you - for example when your electricity rate is at its cheapest.

7.4kW untethered

The Project EV is available as a 7.4kW unit which will add about 30 miles an hour to your car. It's an untethered (socket only) charger, which means there is no cable attached to the device.

Project EV EVA-07S App Features

  • Create and manage charging schedules to fit your driving lifestyle or off-peak
  • Plan charging around your off-peak electricity using the scheduling feature. For example, set the charger to charge your vehicle between the hours of 12 and 4am
  • Remote software updates.
  • Start/Stop feature.
  • Real-time monitoring of charge status and car energy usage.
  • Available on iOS and Android App.

Project EV EVA-07S Specification

Charging output

7.4kW - typically adds 30 miles an hour.




H353 x W218 x D129mm 



Cable length

The Project EV is an untethered charging unit, which means it does not come with a cable, so you will need to supply your own or use one that may come with the vehicle.

Manufacturer warranty

3-year manufacturer's warranty for residential usage.

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