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Juicebox Pro 32

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In a nutshell: rugged and robust

If you were going into battle you would want the JuiceBox Pro 32 on your side. This is probably the most rugged and robust charger on the market. Constructed from cast metal and with a retro American feel, JuiceBox arrives on these shores as a firm favourite and well proven in the US EV market.

All Juicebox Pro 32 chargers are already configured for 22kW three-phase charging, so you won’t need to upgrade your charger even if your home or vehicle is not yet capable of this charging speed.

Owned by the energy company Enel X and with strong after sales support in the UK you can be assured of excellent support should you ever need it.  


Good to know:

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Charger Options
Some options may incur additional cost.

  • Tethered 7.4kW-22kW - cable attached. Type 2 only.

Note: 22kW charging included as standard for Juicebox Pro 32, but this requires three-phase supply at your home and depends on vehicle's charging capability.


  • Built-in WiFi allows you to remotely control your charger from wherever you are.
  • Extremely robust and durable metal casing.
  • All chargers configured for 22kW charging – this means there is no need to upgrade your charger in future, even if your home or vehicle cannot make use of 22kW charging speeds right now.
  • 5m cable with option of upgrade to longer cable
  • Handy LED display shows Wifi connectivity, charging status and power status.
  • Can charge at up to 7.4kW for single-phase energy supply and up to 22kW for three-phase energy supply.


  • Using EnelX’s JuiceNet platform, the smart app allows you to be in control.
  • Stop/start charging via the app
  • Plan charging around your off-peak electricity using the Scheduling feature. For example, set the charger to charge your vehicle between the hours of 12 and 4am.
  • “Minimum charge” feature means the JuiceBox and app will make sure your car meets the minimum charge you require for your daily commute or weekend trips.
  • Monitor and adjust power consumption.
  • Lock and unlock charger via the app to prevent unwanted tampering and uninvited guests.
  • See live updates of your vehicle’s charge status
  • Set up to 10 automatic notifications to let you know when the charge is complete and much more.
  • Voice control enabled through Amazon Alexa.
  • Available on iOS and Android App.

Charging options: 

7.4kW - 3x faster than a three-pin plug (single-phase - standard UK dwellings)*
22kW - 10x faster than a three-pin plug 22 kW (requires three-phase supply)*

Colours: Black 

Dock: not included

Dimensions: H260 x W160 x D90mm 

Weight: 8kg

Cable: 5m

Compatibility: Type 2

Codes and Standards: CE marked (compliant to EN 65851-1 and -22), IP66 rated OLEV registered, qualifies for Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grants

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for residential usage

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