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Andersen A3

Smaller and cheaper than its bigger brother, the Andersen A3 still retains a lot of the features that made the A2 such a hit with those looking for a premium charge point. With more than 200 colour combinations and a hidden compartment to store the 5.5m cable, the Andersen A3 offers a unique combination of features at a competitive price

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We know purchasing a new EV and getting an electric car charger installed at home can be a lot of expense at once. So it's understandable new EV drivers will be looking for ways to get the cheapest home EV charger installation possible.

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Despite its compact size, the Andersen A3 EV charger still offers a unique cable storage solution that hides the charging cable when not in use, as well as boasting solar compatibility out of the box and a wide range of colour combinations to choose from.

Power output - up to 7.4kW


The Andersen A3 offers a power output of 7.4kW, which provides around 30 miles of range per hour of charge depending on your vehicle.

For more information on Home EV charging and how long it takes to charge your EV using a home charger, be sure to check out our electric car charging at home explained guide.

Connectivity - WiFi and Bluetooth


Andersen EV chargers come with both WiFi and Bluetooth built-in, ensuring that you can always connect to your charger and make changes to settings even when your home WiFi might be down.

Cable Type - 5.5m (Type 2)


The Andersen A3 comes with a perminantly attached 5.5 metre Evoflek cable which wraps around the built-in hidden cable solution when not in use.

What is Evoflek? Evoflek is a lightweight and highly flexible material that is easy to manuvere without sacrificing durability.


Over 240 different colour options


The Andersen A3's front and sides are fully customisable with over 240 combinations meaning that there is bound to be a colour combination that will compliment the wall its mounted on.

Available front covers:

Metal finishes: Midnight black, Cheltenham Graphite, Windsor Grey, Pebble Grey, Racing Green, Highland Green, Devonport Navy, Kensington Blue, Balmoral Blue, Burgundy Brick, Hampton Stone, Cornish Cream, Alpine White
Wood finishes: Cotswold Oak, Sorong Teak, French Wood, Charcoal
Limited Edition finishes: Andersen Carbon, Andersen by CALLUM, Custom Palette

Available body covers:

Metal finishes: Midnight black, Cheltenham Graphite, Windsor Grey, Pebble Grey, Racing Green, Highland Green, Devonport Navy, Kensington Blue, Balmoral Blue, Burgundy Brick, Hampton Stone, Cornish Cream, Alpine White

Unique cable storage system


The Andersen A3 pulls out the stops on the inside as well as the outside, thanks to its built-in cable storage solution.

Simply wrap the cable around the "hidden" recess behind the frontplate and tuck the charging plug into its own compartment with lid to keep your charging cable neatly stored away and protected from the elements.

At night, the lidded compartment lights up for ease of use at night.

If that wasn't enough, the recess is lined with brushes to help dry the cable and remove debris on entry. 

Built-in earthing protection


The Andersen A3 includes open PEN conductor protection, eliminating the need for a costly and unsightly earth rod installation at your property.

Solar compatibility - Yes


Got solar panels? The Andersen A3 can send any excess solar power over 1.4kW straight to a plugged-in vehicle, effectively charging your electric vehicle for free!

Warranty - 7 years


The included Andersen care cover package ensures that your EV charger is covered under warranty for seven years as standard.

 Dimensions - H430 x W310mm x 148mm


The Andersen A3 is 20% smaller than its larger sibling, the A2.

Dimensions - H430 x W310mm x 148mm


Andersen's EV app gives you complete control over functions such as charge scheduling, cost tracking and security whilst looking as aesthetically pleasing as the unit itself.

Smart Scheduling - Yes


Being a smart charger, the Andersen A3 can be told to start a charging session for a plugged-in electric vehicle at certain times, such as overnight when your energy tariff might be at its cheapest.

To find out how much you can save by switching to any of the most popular EV energy tariffs, be sure to check out our cost-to-charge tool!

Cost tracking - Yes


Track your charging costs as well as monitor the energy usage of past and current charging sessions.

Remote lock/unlock - Yes


Prevent unscrupulous EV owners from using your charger whilst you're away by using the Andersen app's remote locking feature.

Simply swipe the "disable" slider to the right and no one will be able to use your Andersen EV charger.

Then, when you are ready to charge again, swipe the same slider to the left and the charger will be unlocked again.

Over-the-air updates


Both the Andersen EV charger and the app receive over-the-air updates automatically, saving you the hassle of having to manually download updates when they become available.

Andersen A3 FAQs

Is there a set-up and troubleshooting guide for the Andersen A3 Charger?


Not yet but keep checking this space for updates. 

Can I get a Type 1 version of the Andersen A3?


No, you can only order the Andersen A3 with a Type 2 connection. If you have a type 1 vehicle and are looking for a home charge point, we advise that you consider an untethered charger, as it's compatible with both type 1 and type 2 cables.

If you like the customisation choices of the Andersen A3, then we reccomend taking a look at the untethered Simpson and Partners Home 7 as it features an array of finishes to choose from.

Can I get a different cable length for the Andersen A3?


No, the Andersen A3 only comes with a 5.5 metre cable. If you're wanting a longer cable length, we advise taking a look at the Andersen A2 which offers 5.5, 8.5m and 6.5m cable lengths.

Can I order a 22kW version of the Andersen A3?


No, the Andersen A3 is single-phase only meaning that it can only output at a max rate of 7.4kW.

Please keep in mind however that most UK residential properties cannot meet the electricity supply requirements to support a 22kW charger. In addition many EVs in the UK are limited to charging at 7.4kW or less at home, which means you may not benefit from a 22kW three-phase charge point. Find out if you can have a 22kW charge point here.

If you have a three-phase power supply and are still wanting a 22kW charger, then we reccomend taking a look at the Andersen A2 or Easee Charge.

Is the Andersen A3 "weather-proof"?


The Andersen A3 is built of high-quality materials and designed for use outside. It is rated IP65 for water ingress, so should operate just fine in UK weather conditions.

How do I add the Andersen A3 to the Andersen EV app?


The Andersen EV app is the accompanying app for the Andersen A3 and where you can control the unit, such as setting charging schedules.

Can I get the Andersen A3 in different colours?


Yes! The Andersen A3 has the most style and finish options of any charge point on the market.

The finishes to choose from are:

Front Panel

Metal - Midnight Black, Cheltenham Graphite, Windsor Grey, Pebble Grey, Racing Green, Highland Green, Devonport Navy, Kensington Blue, Balmoral Blue, Burgundy Brick, Hampton Stone, Cornish Cream, Alpine White
Accoya Wood (additional cost of £200) - Cotswold Oak; Sorong Teak; French Walnut; Charcoal

Limited Edition - Andersen Carbon, Andersen by CALLUM, Custom Palette

Body Colour

Metal - Midnight Black, Cheltenham Graphite, Windsor Grey, Pebble Grey, Racing Green, Highland Green, Devonport Navy, Kensington Blue, Balmoral Blue, Burgundy Brick, Hampton Stone, Cornish Cream, Alpine White

What is the warranty for the Andersen A3?


The Andersen A3 comes with a seven year warranty as standard, which covers the repair or replacement (at Andersen’s discretion) of your chargepoint or ancillary device if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within the guarantee period.

If any part is no longer available (e.g. particular colour variations or wood finishes), Andersen will replace it with a functional replacement part.

Smart Home Charge also provides a one-year installation warranty.

Does the Andersen A3 need an earth rod?


No, the Andersen A3 does not require an earth rod installing at your property unlike some other EV charge points. This is because it has built-in earthing protection.

Which EV chargers are similar to the Andersen A3?


If the Andersen A3 isn't what you're looking for, we reccomend taking a look at the Simpson and Partners Home 7, which also comes in a range of materials including different types of wood and metals.

If you are looking for an EV charger that's a little more sleek and subtle, then we recommend the Easee One, which features swappable faceplates.


Where can I find the cyber regulations certificate of compliance for the Andersen A3?


Andersen has issued a statement of compliance, which can be found here.

Can the front and side panelling of the Andersen A3 be replaced?


Yes, both the front and side panelling of the A3 can be replaced. Andersen will soon be releasing instructions on how to do this.

Are the wooden finishes waterproof?


The wooden finishes of the Andersen A3 are made from Accoya wood, which is highly water resistant. In fact, Accoya Wood is the same wood they use to make canal boats with.

Do I need any extra devices to enable solar integration?


No. The Andersen A3 comes with solar capabilities built-in meaning no costly extras are needed.

Is the Andersen A3 cyber security compliant?


The Andersen A3 meets the latest standard in EV charger cyber security regulations, which came into force on 31st December 2022. 

It means that the A3 has anti-tamper detection and all-round better data security. Learn more about the regulations in our EV charger cyber security guide.

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Installation FAQs

Will my property need works or upgrades to the electricity supply before installation of an EV charge point?


Many customers will not need any upgrades to their electricity supply before having an EV charger installed. All installers are however required to notify the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) of any EV charger installations, who will advise you and us if an upgrade to your property’s main fuse is necessary. This depends on your property’s “maximum demand” estimate, (which is submitted by our in-house technicians to your DNO as part of our process), the size of the main fuse or if your property is on a looped supply (connected to your neighbour). Any potential works will be handled by your DNO and they will contact you directly if this is the case.

How do I get a quote for my EV charger installation?


If you have an EV or plug-in hybrid, or have one on order, then you are ready to get a charger installation quote. Simply choose the electric car charger you like the look of and select "Request a Quote" at the top of this page. Don't worry if you're not 100% sure on the charger - there will be time to swap this before payment if your change your mind.

Why isn’t my quote the same as the price on the website?


Every installation is unique, which is why we ask you to complete our remote Online Site Survey. We need to properly assess the work involved in order to give you an accurate and honest quote. Our website prices are meant to be a guide and show the minimum cost for an installation of each particular charger. So, that means the quote we email to you may be different to the price on the website.

How long will it be until my EV charger is installed?


Typically this is one to four weeks after payment. The main factors that affect your installation date are your remote site survey completion time and whether your DNO needs to complete any upgrades to your electricity supply before we install your charger. We keep you updated at each stage of the process, but you can help keep things moving by completing your remote site survey quickly.

My car isn’t listed on your website. Does that mean I can’t get a charger installation from Smart Home Charge?


You can still get an installation from us even if you can’t find your vehicle on our website. Simply “Request a Quote” for the charger you like and tell us which vehicle you have in the quote form. Our EV database is updated regularly but are not meant to be a definitive guide – there are simply too many new EVs and plug-in hybrids being launched for us to keep up!

Do you install EV charge points in my area?


Smart Home Charge is a nationwide installer, covering England, Scotland and Wales. We have experienced engineers covering all major cities and regions. Find out if we install EV chargers in your area with our location checker.

Will you set up my charge point app?


Yes. Our engineers will complete the initial setup and pairing of the charger app with the charge point itself as this is considered as part of the installation. However, the engineers are not required to demonstrate how the app works or set up any schedules for you. Visit our EV charger support section for useful tips and troubleshooting.

Will you process my OZEV Grant claim?


As OZEV-approved installers, we are able to help you apply for the EV Chargepoint Grants supplied by the Government landlords, renters, workplace and more. Our team will assess your eligibility for the grant and work with you to supply the right evidence to the Government in order to claim the grant. Your installation will not be booked until we have all the required documentation to submit your claim to the Government.

However, as an installer Smart Home Charge does not approve or reject your claim and a successful charger installation does not mean your claim was approved. It can take up to three months post installation for confirmation of approval or rejection of your claim from the Government. 

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