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Andersen A2

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In a nutshell: the Grand Designs choice

The Andersen A2 is arguably the smartest-looking charging device on the market. In fact, it looks so good we reckon Kevin McCloud would pick this charger.

Available with more finishes than Lewis Hamilton, the Andersen A2 has a style to suit every home ranging from the softer, natural look of the Accoya Wood to a cleaner, more minimalist style of the metal covers.

But the Andersen A2 is about substance as well as style. The quality sustainable materials mean is it extremely durable, while the unit itself neatly houses all the cables and charging gun – no chunky wet cables dangling around here.

If your neighbours didn’t know you owned an EV before, they will certainly take note now.


Good to know:

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  • WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity ensure your Andersen unit will be in constant communication with the Konnect smartphone app so you can keep track of its charging status.
  • All Andersen A2’s can charge up to 22kW without the need to change the unit. So, even if you cannot take advantage of 22kW AC charging for your vehicle now, you can make use of it in future.
  • Hidden cable and charging gun compartment means all the “gubbins” are neatly stowed away and out of sight, keeping them dry too.
  • 8 metal and 4 wood finishes available so you can customise your A2 to suit your home.
  • Covers are interchangeable. Don’t like the wood finish anymore? Change to a metal one!
  • Alexa-enabled so you can control your Andersen charger through your Alexa smart speakers.
  • LED panel displays the charging status of the A2.
  • Industrial-grade switching for super robust and safe charging.
  • Solar compatible.


  • The Konnect smart control app comes as standard with all A2 chargers.
  • See how much your car charges cost.
  • See how much energy you are using to charge your vehicle.
  • Schedule charging times to suit your lifestyle or to work around your off-peak energy tariff.
  • Remote lock and unlock your charging unit, helping to prevent unwanted tampering and uninvited guests.
  • Data is securely stored in the cloud using Andersen’s 128-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication.
  • Available on iOS and Android App.

Charging options: 

All Andersen A2 charge points are capable of 22kW AC charging at their core, but you will need a 22kW cable (at extra cost) to take advantage of this power and speed. Charging speed is also dependent on your vehicle's AC charging capabilities - some are limited to 7.4kW, for example. Please check our vehicle guides or speak to the car dealer.

Accoya Wood (extra charge applicable) - Cotswold Oak; Teak; French Walnut; Charcoal.
Metal - Putty Stone; Laurac Sand; Stanton Green; Southbank Grey; Ruby; Malmo Blue; Steel; Nearly Black

Dock: built in to unit

Dimensions: H494 x W348 x D148mm (metal front); H494 x W348 x D148mm (wood front)

Weight: 9kg - 13kg (dependent on configuration)

Cable: Evoflek integrated 5.5m standard; 8.5m optional; 6.5m for 22kW charging.

Compatibility: Type 2 units only

Codes and Standards: OLEV registered, qualifies for Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grants, Workplace Charging, EST Grant

Warranty: 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for residential usage; chassis lifetime guarantee

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