Consumer Unit Upgrade with your EV charger installation

Consumer Unit Upgrade

Meet the latest electrical safety standards

Do you have an old consumer unit? Bundle a consumer unit upgrade with your charger and we will replace your old one with an up-to-date 18th Edition Metal Clad Unit with RCBO and Surge Protection. Scroll down to learn more.

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The prices on our website are based on the simplest installation and represent the minimum cost for any installation, but your final quote will depend on a number of factors including:

  1. Cable length - how much extra cable is required to connect your charger to the mains.
  2. Extra equipment - some installations require extra equipment.
  3. Complexity - depending on the cable route, labour costs and other factors.

We provide an Instant Quote service, which means you get an accurate quote based on the information you provide us just moments after you complete our enquiry form. All without the need for a physical or remote site survey!

Simply select "Request a Quote" on your preferred charger, answer a few questions, and we'll email you a quote.

Monthly prices


We know purchasing a new EV and getting an electric car charger installed at home can be a lot of expense at once. So it's understandable new EV drivers will be looking for ways to get the cheapest home EV charger installation possible.

That's why we offer customers a way to make the cost of a home EV charger installation more manageable and offer you total peace of mind when it comes to home EV charging.

Our pay monthly EV charger installation solutions make paying for your home EV charger easier than ever before - starting from just £11.63 per month.

Try out our handy finance calculator tool to preview different deposit amounts and terms. Your actual monthly payment will need to be confirmed after your installation has been quoted, as our website prices are an initial guide.


For purchases between £30 and £2,000

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Consumer unit upgrade FAQs

Here we answer some of the most common questions your may have about upgrading your old consumer unit.

Why should I upgrade my consumer unit?


Electrical regulations are always changing to improve safety.

If your consumer unit is built out of a bakelite plastic construction with MCB or older switches, it's likely that you would benefit from upgrading your consumer unit to one with newer (and safer) switches encased in a first generation metal enclosure.

What trip switches do you use when upgrading my consumer unit and how do the work?


We use Residual Current Curcuit Breaker with Overcurrent Switches (RCBO).

How do they work - When an RCBO detects an imbalance between the cable conductors, it can automatically disconnect  the circuit to prevent electrical shocks, fires, electrocution, and other issues. RCBOs work by monitoring the current flowing in a circuit's line and neutral, and tripping the circuit if the current exceeds the rated sensitivity or a fault occurs. 

What enclosure do you use when installing my new consumer unit?


All the consumers we install are of metal contruction and complaint with Amendment 2 of the electrical regulations BS761.

Unlike plastic or wood enclosures, our metal enclosures will contain any fires that might break out in your consumer unit (although this is very unlikely).

Can I purchase a consumer unit upgrade on its own?


No, we only upgrade your consumer unit alongside an EV charger install

Just select the "upgrade my consumer unit" option before clicking "request a quote" on your desired charger.

Will I be issued with a certificate after the upgrade


Yes, following the installation of your new consumer unit your electrician will carry out full tst of your house electrics and complete an Electrical Installation Certificate. This will then be reviewed by our office based qualified supervisor and available in your Mysmarthome portal along with all your other certificates and information about your charger. 

Please note: This work is notifiable to building control and we will notify the local authority on completion of the works.

What additional costs might I incur?


Earth Bonding - In our online price we assume that the bonding to your water, gas and any other incoming services is up to regulation. If we see as part of the survey that these need upgrading we will price for this work as well. 

Existing Faults - Ocassionally when installing a consumer unit with more sensitive detection devices, existing faults can reveal themselves. If existing faults are discovered there will be a cost of £65 + VAT per hour charged to identify and resolve these.  

What is a Surge Protection Device and what does it do?


Surge Protection Devices (SPD) are used to protect appliances from electrical power surges. They are designed to stop power surges from reaching sensitive equipment and help protect the car, the charging equipment and the appliances in the home.

Surges can occur due to events involving switching of large motors or transformers close by, or if lightning strikes electricity power lines. 

What is the warranty on the consumer unit


All of the consumer units we install are covered by a one year parts and labour warranty.

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