5-metre electric car charging cable | Made in the UK

5-metre Type 2 Charging Cable (Grey)

Grey; 32A; Single Phase EV Charging Cable

Most EV charging cables will do the job, but they vary in build quality, materials and finish. Our EV charging cables are manufactured in the UK with higher quality materials so you get a premium product that stands the test of time.

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The prices on our website are based on the simplest installation and represent the minimum cost for any installation, but your final quote will depend on a number of factors including:

  1. Cable length - how much extra cable is required to connect your charger to the mains.
  2. Extra equipment - some installations require extra equipment.
  3. Complexity - depending on the cable route, labour costs and other factors.

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We know purchasing a new EV and getting an electric car charger installed at home can be a lot of expense at once. So it's understandable new EV drivers will be looking for ways to get the cheapest home EV charger installation possible.

That's why we offer customers a way to make the cost of a home EV charger installation more manageable and offer you total peace of mind when it comes to home EV charging.

Our pay monthly EV charger installation solutions make paying for your home EV charger easier than ever before - starting from just £11.63 per month.

Try out our handy finance calculator tool to preview different deposit amounts and terms. Your actual monthly payment will need to be confirmed after your installation has been quoted, as our website prices are an initial guide.


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Built in the UK

Our charging cable enables you to charge any Type 2 EV using your home charger or public charge point.

7kW charging at home or away


This 32-amp single-phase charging cable allows you to charge at up to 7kW at home or at a public charge point.

Robust and flexible cable


The 5-metre cable is the ideal length for most home and public charging scenarios. Thanks to its relatively small size, the cable itself is not bulky making it easier to store away.

Wide operating temperature


The cable is rated to operate at between -30 and +50, so it will work perfectly well in the British summer and winter.



High build quality and protection from the elements help to give this cable a long life.

5-metre EV Charging Cable - Grey FAQs

Is this cable compatible with my EV?


This is a Type 2 charging cable for use with Type 2 electric vehicles. Most modern electric vehicles have Type 2 connections and therefore compatible with this cable, but if you are unsure which cable fits your EV, we recommend checking our vehicle pages to double check your vehicle connection type. 

What is this charging cable used for?


This charging cable is perfect for use with untethered home chargers or for use with public charge points while out on the road. It is compatible with Type 2 electric cars only (most new EVs).

What is the quality like?


This is a high quality, premium EV charging cable. Manufactured in the UK, it uses better materials and is put through more rigorous quality checks than most budget options. We have tested this cable in-house on multiple vehicles and our editor Danny has personally used this brand of cable at home and for use with public chargers.

What cable lengths are available?


This EV charging cable is 5 metres long but you can also order a 10-metre version.

Is this EV cable three-phase compatible?


No, this EV charging cable is for use with single-phase only. Most UK residential properties are single-phase so it's ideal for the majority of EV drivers.

Is this EV charging cable "weather-proof"?


Yes, this car charging cable has a high IP55 waterproof rating, so it should be very durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor charging.

Is there a warranty?


Yes, you can check the supplier's warranty here.

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